Easy Steps on How to Resize Multiple Pictures with or without software.

Here is the step by step on how you will save your time with all your urgent task on photos editing or etc. Have here also guide how to quickly resize multiple pictures in Windows 7, 8 and 10 without software. And how to resize multiple photos using quick resize software.

Thus, will have here on how to’s resize with or without software.

Note that, this other way around of resizing your pictures without software is also a quick way and good option for you. In this way you will able to change the dimensions and also reduce the file size of your photos in one folder, most specially if you want to send multiple pics that have a large file size by email or if you just want to save some disk space on your computer’s hard drive, external hard drive.

Tip: It’s easier if all the photos you want to resize are in one folder.

  • First option, ….
  • Go to the photos you want to resize.
  • Select all the pictures.
  • Two ways to select multiple images:
  • Press the [CTRL] and [A] key on your keyboard.
  • Click on the first photo, press and hold the [SHIFT] key of your keyboard and then click on the last photo.
  • Right-click on the selected images.
  • Hover your mouse to Send to and then click on Mail recipient.
  • An Attach Files window will appear.
  • Then choose a size (dimension), like 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, or 1280 x 1024.
  • 2nd option, ………..
  • Go to the photos you want to resize.
  • Select all the pictures.
  • Right-click on the selected images.
  • Then Select open , will route into new pop up screen
  • New screen shows the dimensions that you need to resize
  • then save

Now we do have an option for resizing multiple photos with software. Great! an easy and user friendly app for resizing photos. One of the top list that I can recommend is QuickResizer by ivertech, its compatible for Windows 8 and above. Here is the QuickResizer Usersguide. Also below are the step by steps on how to do so.

What to do?

  • Download first the software.
  • Once download has been completed,
  • go ahead and double-click on the file QuickResizerSetup.exe.
  • You may receive a Security Warning like below, just click “Run” to continue.
  • Then follow the rest of the installation steps to install QuickResizer.
  • When you run QuickResizer, you will see this Product License screen
  • Just click “Close” to continue. You will be able to use QuickResizer for 30 days for free.

Note this is just a free trial.

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