Best Mobile Scheduler Apps

24me  is one of the top and useful scheduler apps that has this feature: To-Do, Task List & Notes.

How to manage time, get things done and accomplish tasks using this productive app.

Nowadays what we need is to help us to have a simple and effective to-do list and task manager app which helps you make schedule, manage time, remind about deadlines and organize life at work, home and everywhere else.

24me is here to help you make the most of your day and get things done ,
making life’s more tedious tasks easier .

This app will help you to customize and easy use as their personal assistant in the most convenient way possible. It is great for reminding me about tasks I need to do.

Has a unique calendar views —, you can choose between: Month, Week, 3-Days, Day and List views. It is now easier to see your schedule for the upcoming months, weeks, and days.

Collaboration Assistance – it allows you to add tasks and events when you’re on-the-go or at home — all without opening the app.

Users can now save more time by booking hotels anywhere internationally or even local with a single tap from 24me. This can be done by adding a new task for a planned trip , journey or by using the shortcut bar when adding a new item.

In addition that it has a features wherein you can automatically send gifts to your family and friends.  24me reminds you about important events in your life such as birthdays and special occasions, and enables you to purchase and send gifts through the app. Gifts can be sent immediately or can scheduled to be sent on a specific day,

Time Zone Support allows for scheduling meetings worldwide while choosing the relevant time zone.

Single touch task completion feature – it allows users to complete tasks in one tap through the task itself, from the notification center, or via 24me’s widget.

I recommend this app cause its very useful for our daily task and its the best app to boost your productivity.

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