Best Puzzle Games

Most of us creep at the thought of games that are suitable for all ages and we do have different types of games category that we would like to play.

What is this all about?

Little Things Forever is one of the best addictive mind games.

Developer: KlickTock
Available on: iOS + Androi

Its a free puzzler game , that has players finding tiny objects in a mess of hundreds of them. Beautifully illustrated and presented, this game is not only for you or for one player but its also a treat for the whole family. It’s a beautifully simple hidden-object puzzle game that feels more like a puzzle book.

I love this games so much, its one of the easiest game and the most fun casual games I’ve played in a long time.It help me most specially when I feel stress and I don’t one to think of anything… well, this is the right game.

Each game presents player with a familiar form made up of hundreds of tiny clip art images of objects ranging from lollipops to laptops. Each puzzle is brightly colored with a small and appropriate color palette and the individual items that make up the collage follow suit. Players can pinch to zoom, which you can view clearly everything.

First requires you to find a few specific tiny objects — animals, household items, tools, gadgets and more — from a large arrangement as quickly as you can.

And then challenges you to find as many items as you can in two minutes, listing only one item at a time. Simple enough the first couple of times around, the jigsaw can be completed by rotating and rearranging the puzzle’s pieces so that they all line up correctly.

It takes an observant and razor-sharp eye to spot the ends and edges of shapes on pieces to join up with its actual neighboring pieces when they’re jumbled.

Each puzzle opens with a large illustration of an an objects , animals or things and a lot more, which breaks up into hundreds of smaller ones that you have to sift through to find the listed items.

And the shapes of each item remain the same, their colors and size vary with each large illustration that you come across. The game looks wonderful and is sure to stimulate the interest of folks, young and even adults. It’s an absolute joy to play. Very satisfying once your about to finish the puzzle. Download , windows

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